Potomac Heights VFD&RS 2023 Officers
January 31, 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 Potomac Heights VFD&RS Officers! All will be sworn in at our banquet in March.

Fire Officers:

Fire Chief - Michael D. Gimmel Jr.
Deputy Chief - Michael Buck Jr.
Fire Captain - Napolean Epps Sr.
Fire Lieutenant - Mark Winkler
Fire Lieutenant - Dylan Walker
Fire Sergeant - Abigail Brown

EMS Officers:

EMS Captain - Kaelei Linkins
EMS Lieutenant - Alyssa Linkins
EMS Sergeant - Jill Tritthart

Support Staff:

Chief Engineer - Steve Winkler
Safety Officer - William Valentine
Driver's Training Coordinator - Craig Lockwood
EMS QA/QI Officer - Mollie Johnson
EMS Training Specialist - Heather Dautrich
Fire Prevention Officer - William Valentine

Board of Directors:

President - Denny Sandy
Vice President - Justin Lucas
Board Member - Robert E. Collins Sr.
Board Member - Michael Buck Jr.
Board Member - Mollie Valentine

Administrative Officers:

Secretary - Lisa Berry
Treasurer - Joseph Craven
Chaplain - Gary Willett
LOSAP Officer - Kevin Grinder

Station Support Officers:

Network Administrators - DaJuan Avery and Makir Avery
Facilities Maintenance - Steve Rison & Larry Lee
Department Historian - James Berry
Apparel Officer - Mollie Valentine
Photographer/Social Media - Jeff Tritthart