Celebrating Our Cadets & Their Hard Work!
September 13, 2020

Every year, the students that go through the Charles County Cadet Program have a banquet to celebrate their hard work throughout the year. Due to COVID-19, they were unable to have the big celebration that they deserved. On September 10, 2020, at our monthly business meeting, Mr. Bill Smith the Charles County Cadet Coordinator, Mr. Mark Kaufmann the County Fire Chief, Mr. Mitch Lewis the County EMS Assistant Chief, Mr. Rick Bowie the County President, and MFRI Staff made a special appearance at our business meeting to present some prestigious awards to our cadets for their commendable actions throughout the year. Our cadet’s, Class Leader. Brenden Donais, Class Leader. Anthony Painter, and Class Leader. Dylan Walker, received very special awards for their outstanding performance throughout the year, including “Cadet of The Year” and the “Skills USA Certificate of Achievement.” Brenden Donais also received the 2nd Highest Class GPA, Dylan Walker received the 6th Highest Class GPA and Mitch Painter has the 7th Highest Class GPA. We want to Congratulate these young men on their accomplishments and thank them for representing our department to the highest degree. We are graciously proud of each and every one of you!