Protect Our Children!
August 30, 2018

On October 11th, 2005, Engine 73 and Ambulance 78 responded to this child's home in our first due for a subject not breathing. Upon arrival they found 1 year old Bobby D in cardiac arrest after becoming entangled in blind chords. Crews assumed patient care from the Charles County Sheriffs Officer on the scene. With assistance from Medic 20 and 168, they were able to revive little Bobby D. Once the patient was stabilized at Civista Medical Center, Ambulance 78 and a team of nurses transported Bobby D to Children's Hospital for specialized care.

We are saddened to learn that nearly 13 years after this incident, Bobby D has passed away from complications of his injuries he sustained that day. Please be aware of the window treatments you have in your home when children are around. It only takes a moment for something like this to happen and change your life and the life of a small child forever.

Bobby D's family has made great progress in improving window blind safety since his incident. Please watch the video below and consider donating to this great organization, Parents for Window Blind Safety.

Hyperlinks: Parents for Window Blind Safety